Sean Smith is a modern composer of ageless guitar folketry [instrumental poetry]. With several masterful solo-guitar albums behind him, Smith has been drawn out of his hermetic recording life by the power and potential of collaboration, presented here on this recording! Sean Smith becomes more fully fructified in the company of his friends, one voice becomes many (instruments)… 6-string steel, Weissenborn (slide), & nylon-string guitars, with dulcimer, banjo, violin, organ, drums, & electric wall of sound… his guitar breathes deeply in this new depth of field and altered sonic state, giving bright light and love to his powerfully emotive instrumental songs.

This beloved album has been sold out in it's first vinyl form for a couple years now, so we are really pleased to offer it again, for the first time, on cassette tape+Mp3... with a bonus track from the same sessions.



Echomancy means divination through music. The music within the series is varied, but each song/album can be followed back into the single source reality. Old magic spills out of the tapes and onto the occult packaging – cardboard boxes, copper-foil embossed with esoteric symbols. 100% recycled card-board (30% post-consumer), no glue. Comes with cassette tape, bookband, digital cover art & liner-notes, and mp3 download.

Suddenly your old car stereo is a vehicle for rapid transformation.



"He expertly invokes the gestalt of psychedelic folk guitarists such as Fahey, Leo Kottke or, even more specifically on this outing, Sandy Bull and that evanescent moment when the boundaries between folk music and electric rock blurred. Smith...is a poet of the guitar." - San Francisco Chronicle

"...acoustic guitarist Sean Smith spins mesmerizing spells" - Palo Alto Daily News

"Like the best poetry, Eternal engages from the start and expands with each pass. Built upon Smith's Eastern-influenced acoustic guitar and sparing contributions from four fellow instrumentalists, the disc explores both the form and sound of music through seven joyous, contemplative tracks. - East Bay Express

From the much-appreciated slow hand of California’s Gnome Life Records comes the third long-player by folk impresario Sean Smith. Aptly titled ‘Eternal’, the album sets only a bottom limit marking its being by 1) its recorded existence, and 2) the vivid clarity of the recording, benefiting from a purely analog creation (through recording, mixing, and mastering) which leaves the flavor no shortcuts through which to hide. Highly recommended. - Animal PSI

1. Topinanbour 2. Palak Paneer 3. Goat Seer 4. The Real 5. Holly 6. Prompter of Conscience 7. Greetings Death Love (excerpts) 8. Yellow Gray (bonus track)


"Eternal" & "Christmas" both by Sean Smith for $16