"THE GARDEN OF BIG SURLY DELIGHTS" by KYLE FIELD (Limited Edition Print & Digital Gnome Life Mix)

We present to you here a piece of fine art ephemera by Kyle Field, and a comprehensive digital mix-tape featuring many Gnome Life artists. This is a 9-inch by 25-inch, beautifully made archival print, on thick recycled paper, in a numbered edition of 1,000. The print is accompanied by a 19-song digital mix.

Kyle Field – the man behind the lyrically and melodically sublime band known as Little Wings, with whom we have made a number of beautiful releases – also creates highly detailed and intuitive drawings on paper with inks and watercolors. Fantastic and natural figures form whimsical tableaus in surreal landscapes.

And what landscape is more surreal than Gnome Life’s base of operations and belovéd homeland of Big Sur, California? We asked Kyle to draw the place as no one else could, overflowing with magic and surprise. A mystical territory shaped by primordial forces – wildfires, waves, and the blazing sun. And a numinous habitat populated by dark and light beings, totally wild and free. This drawing reflects the very essence of Gnome Life.

1. I Give You My Heart (Fountainsun) 2. Perfect (The Range of Light Wilderness) 3. The Universe Strand (Santiparro) 4. What Wonder (Little Wings) 5. Peering Out (Bird By Snow) 6. Ocean Weeze (Mega Bog) 7. Glad Passing (Yurt) 8. Wielding Swords (Shay Roselip) 9. Blue Crystal Fire (Robbie Basho) 10. There is a Marriage (Bird By Snow) 11. Witness the Wonder (Fountainsun) 12. Release Technique II (Jeremy Harris) 13. Topinambour (Sean Smith) 14. White Shroud (Mountainhood) 15. Gold Teeth (Little Wings) 16. Pasha II (Robbie Basho) 17. Wolves (Mountainhood) 18. Fall Flood (Little Wings) 19. Return (Daniel Higgs)
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