"Native Tongue" is comprised of 12 improvised (channeled) Jew's harp compositions. The first 11 tracks are solo improvisations, the 12th track is a layered composition with 4 different harps and a drum. The Jew's harp is known by many names throughout the world, in English alone it is called Jew's harp, jaw harp, juice harp, mouth harp & trump. Hundreds of cultures around the globe have independently discovered this mystical instrument... "Native Tongue" utilizes 11 different harps from 10 different regions/cultures, the personal collection of Yurt (aka Fletcher Tucker, also of Bird By Snow).

Harps in order of appearance: Hmong, Thai harp (image) – Reeded Mouth Bow, American (image) – Tuned Jew's harp, American (image) – Temir Komuz, Kyrgiz harp (image) – 3 tongued Dan Moi, Vietnamese harp (image) – Kou Xiang, Chinese harp (image) – Clackamore, American (image) – Murchunga, Tibetan harp (image) – Maultrommel, Bavarian harp (image) – 2 tongued Dan Moi, Vietnamese harp (image) – bamboo Kubing, Filipino harp (image)

Jew's harps are exceptionally unique instruments because the mouth and throat serve as the resonance chamber for the metal or wood reed. The sound enters the body of the performer, the internal universe, before being "released" into the external world. Given this simple fact it seems unsurprising that Jew's harps (in their various forms) feature largely into much indigenous sacred music and ritual, from Mongolia to Peru. Additionally the sounds of these instruments are appropriately other worldly and magical.

"" is the Runic symbol for "harvest", these songs were harvested from a near by dimension.



Echomancy means divination through music. The music within the series is varied, but each song/album can be followed back into the single source reality. Old magic spills out of the tapes and onto the occult packaging – cardboard boxes, copper-foil embossed with esoteric symbols. 100% recycled card-board (30% post-consumer), no glue. Comes with cassette tape, bookband, digital cover art & liner-notes, and mp3 download.

Suddenly your old car stereo is a vehicle for rapid transformation.

1. Spore Port 2. Written in Delight 3. Crystal Tech. 4. Smoke Signals 5. Geo Logic 6. Glad Passing 7. Unearthed 8. Sky Burial 9. Behind the Breath 10. Dark Spectrum 11. Crumbling Empires 12. Medicine Pouch


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